About Cor Cei

Cor Cei - New Quay Community Choir - started in Autumn 2012 after a number of New Quay people said that they would like the chance to sing together. We cater for people who have never sung in a choir before; as well as a number with a bit of experience, who are a great help to those who are just starting. Everyone is welcome - we don't have auditions.

We've set a lower limit of secondary age students, so at present the age range in the choir is more than 60 years! We have a steady attendance at present of about 20 people, with a good mix of men and women, but we would like more - the more the merrier! New Quay church hosts the choir, but membership is entirely open to people of all faiths and points of view.

We aim to embrace a wide repertoire: we have members who like, and have sung, blues, jazz, gospel, folk, bluegrass and classical music. Our only 'performance' so far has been carol singing round New Quay, but we aim to put on at least two performances in 2013. We sing in English and Welsh - and hopefully a few more languages as time goes on!

We meet on Monday nights in New Quay Church Hall, Rectory Square, New Quay, 7.30pm and pay £3 (waged) £2 (unwaged) a week. Our leader at the moment is Matthew Baynham, the Anglican vicar in New Quay. You can contact Matthew on matthew@cor-cei.co.uk or 01545 560500.